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Chapter 1 1:1 - Frequency and Structure by Enrico Foschi (3 months, 3 weeks ago)

I was a bit surprised to see the book jumping, right on the second page, on this key topic.

As Camille, I do believe 1:1s are extremely important, and I would like to share my ideal frequencies and structure.

The agenda should be agreed by both, and the topics should be raised by both.

My frequency is:
- Every week for the first month
- Every 2 weeks after
- Every 4 weeks in crazy busy times and if you have > 10 direct reports

My structure is:
(undocumented: quick small talk)
- Status update from the employee (achievement, focus, challenges)
- Direction update / any update from leadership / for the team from my side
- Challenges / Problem resolution
- Post mortem of any challenge / issue faced in the past week
- Recap of actions

What are yours?

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